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The story of how Phi Kappa Zeta began…

Words of Wisdom


“...I would say this to every deaf girl and woman: learn whatever you have a chance to learn; keep your eyes open, your mind attentive, your hands active; try to find out what talents you have.” -May Martin, co-founder of O.W.L.S., first Deaf woman to graduate from Gallaudet with a M.A. degree & first female faculty member at Gallaudet

"Civilization is too far advanced not to acknowledge the justice of woman's cause. She herself is too strongly impelled by a noble hunger for something better than she has known, too highly inspired by the vista of the glorious future, not to rise with determination and might and move on till all barriers crumble and fall." -Agatha Mary Agnes Tiegel Hanson, first president of O.W.L.S. & first woman to graduate from Gallaudet with a B.A. degree