President: Delia Raquel Lozano

Vice President: Lissette Molina Wood

Secretary: Minnie Mae Wilding-Diaz

Treasurer: Thelma Ivette Gonzalez Schroeder

Scholarship: Jennifer Tori Little

Membership: Mary Ann Seremeth

Zetan Editor: Melinda Harrison Jones

Media: Megan Kathleen Klusza



Bonletes: Vivienne Ruth Schroeder

Proedros: Anna Wren

To get in touch with the National Board, please e-mail president@phikappazeta.org, or use the form below.

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Alpha Gamma Chapter: Frederick, MD

Alpha Chapter: Washington, DC

Alpha Omega Chapter: Connecticut

Beta Chapter: Iowa/Nebraska

Chi Nu Chapter: Chicago, Illinois

Delta Sigma Chapter: Northern Virginia

Iota Chi Chapter: Staunton, Virginia

Iota Tau Chapter: Jacksonville, Illinois

Iota Zeta Chapter: Indiana

Kappa Chapter: Edmonton, Canada

Lambda Chapter: North Carolina

Omega Chapter: Fremont, California

Phi Delta Chapter: Louisiana

Pi Gamma Chapter: Wisconsin

Psi Omega Chapter: Austin, Texas

Psi Zeta Chapter: Arizona

Rho Nu Chapter: Rochester, New York

Sigma Chi Chapter: Riverside, California

Sigma Nu Chapter: Minnesota

Sigma Sigma Chapter: St. Augustine, Florida

Theta Chapter: Los Angeles, California

Upsilon Chapter: Colorado

Xi Chapter: New York City, New York

Zeta Chapter: Michigan