PKZ Sisters Involved in 2011 Academic Bowl

National Organization of the Phi Kappa Zeta Sorority would like to recognize those Sisters who were actively involved with the 2011 Academic Bowl ( as dedicated volunteers!

Nationals Committee: Sherry Bravin Duhon - AB, Coordinator Rachel M Benedict - AB, Assistant Deborah Elliott DeStefano - Parent Booth, Renca Dunn - Evening Programs, Wendy Wiatrowski - Meals, Linda Stamper - Program Book, Beverly Buchanan - Hotel

Volunteers: Leticia Arellano, Clara Baldwin, Beth Sonnenstrahl Benedict, Danielle Berrigan, MJ Bienvenu, Yvonne Olsen Catt, Norma Halischak Clapp, Donna DeVito, Janna DiBiase, Abby Strauss Drake, Jean Drake, Stephanie Durand, Joy Fraychineaud, Alice Frick, Donna Guardino, Leila Hanaumi, Susan Roberts Hanrahan, Amy Hile, Beth Hortie, Lisa Jacobs, Justine Jeter, Stephanie Johnston, Isabella Kogan, Laurie Liefermann Ballinger, Mary Keane, Delia Lozano-Martinez, Holly MacFadden, Olivia Malcolm, Alyce Slater Reynolds, Wanda Riddle, Elsie Ritchie, Carlisle Robinson, Thelma Gonzalez Schroeder, Aimee Sever, Karen Sheffer, Amy Siebert, Agnes Sutcliffe, Nanette Virnig, Allison Weiner, Janet Rothenberg Weinstock, Jean Zisman Marcia Zisman

Coaches: Yvonne Davis-Talley, Edna Johnston, Maureen Mazza, Dana Sipek, Grace Walker

Additionally, the Sorority provided activities and gave out 500 free secret cookies to teams, coaches and participants. Thank you for representing PKZ well as always!