2012 High School Essay Contest Results

Summer is finally here! Congratulations to those who have just graduated. You all will be missed!

The high school essay contest committee deliberately looked through numerous entries from students across the country. We have narrowed down to two wonderful entries! The topic is "I am given one opportunity to travel using a time machine, I would go to the time of..." Many have shown a great ability to sum up to just 200-300 words expressing their viewpoint in history.

The winner of the contest is Alissa Poston, a freshman at University High School in California. 

If I was given one opportunity to travel using a time machine, the time I would choose to travel to would be the early 1700s. This was the time when the foundation for the United States of America was being created. This was both a time of pride, and a time of internal struggles to truly become an unprejudiced nation, as well as human being. The constant constitutional debates forces one to analyze their own morals, and to become a better, unprejudiced person, or in some cases, hypocritically inflict on their own people the same oppression as their former government had once done to them.

I would desire to hear the debates, and hear the final cheer when the constitution was written- Americas' people solemnly swearing to abide by it, and fight for human rights. It would be a time of great tension, but hope and faith in the future-hope that America would one day be the strongest country in the world- a leader in trade and agriculture and in military- but most importantly- a positive demonstaration of democracy, a demonstration that all countries would soon follow. I would hope that we, as Americans, Would be the role model for the pure-hearted. We would give everyone equal rights and a fair trial- and an especially fair shot at life. I would hope that each of the delegates to the constitution convention would have faith in our great nation, and that their children would live to see it prosper into what it is today.

And the honorary mention goes to Nathaniel Olson who is a sophomore, also at University High School.

If you know them, extend your warm congratulations!