Quick Facts

Did you know that…

  • O.W.L.S was founded on Saturday, January 9, 1892?
  • Agatha Mary Tiegel entered Gallaudet at age 15, became first President of O.W.L.S at age 19, and graduated when she was 20?
  • May Martin was the first Secretary of O.W.L.S.?
  • the first 13 women became charter members of O.W.L.S.?
  • four of the original O.W.L.S hailed from Pennsylvania?
  • three of the original O.W.L.S were Gallaudet College (now University) class valedictorians: Agatha Tiegel, 1893; Lily Bicksler, 1894; and May Martin, 1895?
  • Brown and gold were the original colors of the O.W.L.S?
  • the alumnae came together and formally established the National O.W.L.S at the 1910 National Association of the Deaf conference in Colorado Springs, Colorado?
  • In 1954, the National O.W.L.S, with Adele Gertrude Jensen Krug as its venerable president, gathered and voted to modernize by changing the name of the O.W.L.S to Phi Kappa Zeta?
  • Brown and gold was then replaced with navy blue and white?
  • as of October 2011, there are 1698 Sisters in total?
  • De’VIA artist Chuck Baird painted “WHOOO’S THERE?” in 1992, when O.W.L.S/PKZ celebrated its centennial?

“WHOOO’S THERE?” Acrylic 28 x 34 inches The yellow eyes of an owl double as binoculars through which a birdwatcher peers. Baird, Chuck. Chuck Baird, 35 Plates. San Diego, CA: Dawn Sign Press. 1993


Compiled by Sister Janet Rothenberg Weinstock