Spring 2013 Pledges of the Phi Kappa Zeta Sorority


Congratulations to the new pledges of the Phi Kappa Zeta Sorority for the spring of 2013! Ivy Davis (Sophomore), California Justyna Grela (Junior), Alberta, Canada Lisa Jarashow (Senior), California Michelle Mansfield-Hom (Junior), Maryland Chelsea Morris (Sophomore), Maryland Alexandra Polivanchuk (Freshman), Sweden Kirsten Pudas (Senior), Minnesota Cindy Siebert (Sophomore), Minnesota Bianca Richards-Hamilton (Sophomore), Arizona Claire Tucker (Sophomore), Maryland Nicole Strom (Sophomore), California Shayna Unger (Junior), Maryland Trisha Waddell (Sophomore), Kansas Julia Wallace (Senior), California Bethany Weiner (Sophomore), Maryland

2012 Clickathon!

The Collegiate Sisters of the Phi Kappa Zeta Sorority is excited to announce our fundraising event, "CLICKATHON" which will take place on October 19 from 7 pm - 2 am at Field House parking lot. Are you up for some competition?! Join the fun & see who stays in their car with seatbelts on the longest!

Support MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Drivers) and No Texting and Driving (Distraction.gov) and take the pledge to never text/drink and drive. It will be an AWESOME memory for you during your Gallaudet years! E-mail PKZClickathon@gmail.com to SIGN UP!

We look forward to seeing you THERE!

A Look Into Summer 2012

Throughout summer of 2012, our sisters embarked on amazing journeys all over the world, gaining experience from doing internships, and seeing unseen places. Sister Jessica Agnes Willoughby, Sister Tandy Samara Lewis, and Kakia Proedros Danielle Ashley Dawn Berrigan had the chance to explore different countries of South East Asia that vary from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, and Cambodia. Sister Jessica Agnes Willoughby also explored the country of Guayna and taught deaf children theatre. Sister Tiffany Ann Putt was the only one who touched three different continents (eight countries) in seven weeks! Sister Lauren Sonnenstrahl Benedict and Sister Laurie Bessie Rodriguez seized the opportunity to explore Central America. Sister Ashley Elizabeth Bergeron handled her summer fairly well after summer school, backpacked Europe and then went on a road trip across southern US. Sister Corinna Sara Hill was more than thrilled to welcome a new sister-in-law, and later had the chance to backpack Europe (twelve countries). Kakia Logios Janna Alys DiBiase spent two weeks exploring the enchanted state of New Mexico, visiting the White Sands and exploring Roswell. She found the UFO conspiracy a tad bit funny with our Alumna Sister April Rose Bottoms who is currently working her second year with AmeriCorps.

Sister Isabella Kogan had the opportunity to travel with ASL Taglit- Birthright group in Israel for eleven days before heading to Stayton, Oregon where she worked as Administrative Assistant at Youth Leadership Camp (YLC) for six weeks. Sister Noel Elizabeth King, Alumna Sister Renca Lillian Dunn, Alumna Sister Rachel M Benedict, and Alumna Sister Priscilla Ann Joan Biskupiak also worked at YLC this summer. Sister Shea Ammons Rasmus saw plenty of campsites, national parks, historical marks, as well as interesting museums before working at Camp Mark Seven in Old Forge, New York as a staff member. Sumbaino Grammareus Ann Summerlin Whited had a quite interesting summer working at summer camps. She was selected among 11 other players to represent the USA at the 2nd World Deaf Volleyball Championships in Bulgaria. She had the honor to play with four of our very own Alumna Sisters - Alumna Pia Marie Paulone, Alumna Sister Justine Barbra Jeter, Alumna Sister Shana Rosalina Lehmann and Alumna Sisters Kristina Ann Burke. The team brought home the Silver. Khrusophulax Maria Karoline Margaret Klassen had a blast in Brazil along with her Canadian volleyball team for PanAm Games and brought home the Silver. She also enjoyed working at Deaf Youth Today camp for ten long, but wonderful weeks.

Plenty of our sisters have done doing volunteer work and internships in the states as well as around the world; Sister Danielle Dawn Koplitz volunteered for Junior Achievement Jamaica that lasted for two months along with Alumna Sister Misella Mahina O’Lanai Morita Tomita. Proedros Andrea Theresa Serena Amati spent her summer working for Dr. James A. Smith in the Department of Civil and Environment Engineering at Princeton University. She worked with data imported from an Eddy Covariance sensor, analyzing vegetation and urbanization. Sister Valerie Flora Farr interned at Deaf Hope in the Bay Area and helped her family renovating the house. Sister Amy Marie Bachtel enjoyed the experience of being an intern, working with the Early Intervention Program at Ohio School for the Deaf. Sister Stephanie Cora Johnston completed two internships over the summer, which were obtained through American Association of People with Disabilities’ internship program. She interned for Minority Whip Steny Hoyer's office on the Capitol Hill and a non-profit organization, National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty. She also was part of a meeting at White House along with other eleven AAPD interns to discuss the future of disability movement, where President Barrack Obama attended!

Anagrapha Grammareus Chanel Mandeville Summer sure had a whirlwind summer, from a spiritual journey in Israel to winning a crown and stressing in between to prepare for upcoming activities at Gallaudet University. She was crowned as the Miss. Deaf America at the NAD Conference in Louisville, KY, and later gave her first of many workshops at Youth Leadership Camp (YLC) throughout her two-year reign. Sister Noel Elizabeth King participated in the NAD Conference as a delegate representing for the Deaf Youth USA (DYUSA), and she was selected as the Vice President for DYUSA organization 2012-2014.

In all, we learned so much about ourselves through exploration this summer. Our personal experiences were truly rewarding, for they brought us with valuable knowledge and insight. It is important to be grateful for the freedom and opportunities we have in this country, as well as for all the loving people that surround us. Now, we’re more than motivated to kick off our year with a bang!

2012 High School Essay Contest Results

Summer is finally here! Congratulations to those who have just graduated. You all will be missed!

The high school essay contest committee deliberately looked through numerous entries from students across the country. We have narrowed down to two wonderful entries! The topic is "I am given one opportunity to travel using a time machine, I would go to the time of..." Many have shown a great ability to sum up to just 200-300 words expressing their viewpoint in history.

The winner of the contest is Alissa Poston, a freshman at University High School in California. 

If I was given one opportunity to travel using a time machine, the time I would choose to travel to would be the early 1700s. This was the time when the foundation for the United States of America was being created. This was both a time of pride, and a time of internal struggles to truly become an unprejudiced nation, as well as human being. The constant constitutional debates forces one to analyze their own morals, and to become a better, unprejudiced person, or in some cases, hypocritically inflict on their own people the same oppression as their former government had once done to them.

I would desire to hear the debates, and hear the final cheer when the constitution was written- Americas' people solemnly swearing to abide by it, and fight for human rights. It would be a time of great tension, but hope and faith in the future-hope that America would one day be the strongest country in the world- a leader in trade and agriculture and in military- but most importantly- a positive demonstaration of democracy, a demonstration that all countries would soon follow. I would hope that we, as Americans, Would be the role model for the pure-hearted. We would give everyone equal rights and a fair trial- and an especially fair shot at life. I would hope that each of the delegates to the constitution convention would have faith in our great nation, and that their children would live to see it prosper into what it is today.

And the honorary mention goes to Nathaniel Olson who is a sophomore, also at University High School.

If you know them, extend your warm congratulations!

2011 Phi Kappa Zeta Pledges

The Phi Kappa Zeta Sorority is proud to announce our new selection of Pledges this year:

Mimi Rose Adams, Ohio  /  Amy Marie Bachtel, Ohio  /  Lauren Sonnenstrahl Benedict, Maryland  /  Ashley Elizabeth Bergeron, Ontario, Canada  /  Valerie Flora Farr, California  /  Jessica Michelle Fein, California  /  Emily Lynn Fisher, Ontario, Canada  /  Chanel Mandeville Gleicher, Maryland  /  Allison Cindy Erica Heron, Connecticut  /  Corinna Sara Hill, Maryland Krystal Lee Johnson, Texas  /  Stephanie Cora Johnston, Massachusetts  /  Monica Anna Jacinta Keller, California  /  Noel Elizabeth King, Arkansas  /  Samantha Jean Krieger, Indiana  /  Betsie Marie Kulikov, Louisiana  /  Tandy Samara Lewis, Maryland  /  Miranda Marisa Paddon Medugno, California  /  Michelle Joy Morris, Florida  /  Tiffany Ann Putt, Pennsylvania  /  Shea Ammons Rasmus, California  /  Laurie Bessie Rodriguez, Texas  /  Samantha Elaine Ruhland, Minnesota  /  Pakuna Nala Spady, Maryland  /  Ann Summerlin Whited, Indiana

PKZ Sisters Involved in 2011 Academic Bowl

National Organization of the Phi Kappa Zeta Sorority would like to recognize those Sisters who were actively involved with the 2011 Academic Bowl (http://ab.gallaudet.edu) as dedicated volunteers!

Nationals Committee: Sherry Bravin Duhon - AB, Coordinator Rachel M Benedict - AB, Assistant Deborah Elliott DeStefano - Parent Booth, Renca Dunn - Evening Programs, Wendy Wiatrowski - Meals, Linda Stamper - Program Book, Beverly Buchanan - Hotel

Volunteers: Leticia Arellano, Clara Baldwin, Beth Sonnenstrahl Benedict, Danielle Berrigan, MJ Bienvenu, Yvonne Olsen Catt, Norma Halischak Clapp, Donna DeVito, Janna DiBiase, Abby Strauss Drake, Jean Drake, Stephanie Durand, Joy Fraychineaud, Alice Frick, Donna Guardino, Leila Hanaumi, Susan Roberts Hanrahan, Amy Hile, Beth Hortie, Lisa Jacobs, Justine Jeter, Stephanie Johnston, Isabella Kogan, Laurie Liefermann Ballinger, Mary Keane, Delia Lozano-Martinez, Holly MacFadden, Olivia Malcolm, Alyce Slater Reynolds, Wanda Riddle, Elsie Ritchie, Carlisle Robinson, Thelma Gonzalez Schroeder, Aimee Sever, Karen Sheffer, Amy Siebert, Agnes Sutcliffe, Nanette Virnig, Allison Weiner, Janet Rothenberg Weinstock, Jean Zisman Marcia Zisman

Coaches: Yvonne Davis-Talley, Edna Johnston, Maureen Mazza, Dana Sipek, Grace Walker

Additionally, the Sorority provided activities and gave out 500 free secret cookies to teams, coaches and participants. Thank you for representing PKZ well as always!

2010 Phi Kappa Zeta Pledges

Congratulations to the new pledges of the Phi Kappa Zeta Sorority for the Fall of 2010!

  • Danielle Ashley Berrigan, 2013, Maryland
  • Janna Alys DiBiase, 2013, Indiana
  • Rikki Wen Dong DiMaria, 2012, Vermont
  • Lizzie Louise Finley, 2011, California
  • Leila Mariko Hanaumi, 2011, California
  • Tenaya Ann Herbold, 2012, California
  • Justine Barbara Jeter, 2011, Indiana
  • Maria Karoline Magaret Klassen, 2013, British Columbia
  • Isabella Kogan, 2013, New York
  • Olivia Anna Malcolm, 2012, Florida
  • Carlisle Anna Robinson, 2011, Indiana
  • Molly Elena Sachs, 2012, Texas
  • Samantha Joyce Siedschlag, 2013, Minnesota
  • De'Lasha Cheryl Singleton, 2012, Texas
  • Misella Mahina O'Lanai Tomita, 2011, Hawaii
  • Jessica Agnes Willoughby, 2013, Missouri

2009 Phi Kappa Zeta Pledges

Congratulations to the new pledges of the Phi Kappa Zeta Sorority for the fall of 2009!

  • Andrea Theresa Serena Amati, 2012, Maryland
  • Clara Kathleen Baldwin, 2011, California
  • Rachel M Benedict, 2011, Maryland
  • Larissa Elizabeth Clapp, 2009, Maryland
  • Stacey Lynn DeLaune, 2011, Louisiana
  • Stephanie Durand, 2011, Connecticut
  • Brittany Alexandra Frank, 2012, Maryland
  • Joy Ann Fraychineaud, 2012, Louisiana
  • Kyle Elysse Gilstrap, 2010, Oregon
  • Donna Lynn Guardino, 2011, New Jersey
  • Stephanie Dian Johnson, 2011, New York
  • Paige Mia Johnson, 2012, Texas
  • Evelyn Johanna Katz, 2012, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Danielle Dawn Koplitz, 2012, Wisconsin
  • Amanda Irene Krieger, 2010, Indiana
  • Mela Langinbelang, 2010, Honolulu, Hawaii/Marshall's Island
  • Jovanna Milan Natale, 2011, Arizona
  • Aimee Sever, 2012, Florida
  • Amanda Kate Sortwell, 2009, California
  • Rachel Ashlee Steingieser, 2010, Maryland
  • Kaori Takeuchi, Graduate, Tokyo, Japan
  • Allison Joy Weiner, 2012, Maryland

March for New Pledges on Sunday, October 25

For the past, which we execute the torch

Shall illuminate the future Of that which lies beyond our power

In the lap of forthcoming owls

It is time to hoist the veil

Of the stars in the velvet sky

And present you our new pledges

Who will embark on a transient journey

Permeated with everlasting blessings

When the clock strikes 12 In the afternoon of October 25

In the Hanson Plaza

The women of navy blue and white

Full of acumen who utter astute adhortation

Shall soar to and fro

Introducing the burgeoning congregation of the Phi Kappa Zeta

College Sisters Host 'Soar High Over Breast Cancer'

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month. Let's help save millions of women who have been diagnosed with the disease. A Phi Kappa Zeta Sorority fundraising event will be held in the JSAC Multipurpose Room this Friday, October 2, 7-9 p.m. There will be appetizers, a silent action, and of course, entertainment! If you have items or anything else to donate, please do not hesitate to contact the sorority through PKZProedros@gmail.com

Come and buy a ticket in advance for $10; tickets are $12 at the door.

Proceeds will go to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

Open or print the flyer in MS Word.

2009-10 College Executive Board

Congratulations to the new Executive Board of the Phi Kappa Zeta Sorority for the 2009-2010 academic year!

  • Proedros Alexandria Anna Ellen Pucciarelli, 2010, New York
  • Kakia Proedros Bregitt Viviana Jimenez, 2010, Illinois
  • Kakia Logios Brittany Rose Ellenbecker, 2010, Minnesota
  • Khrusophulax Amy Mary Siebert , 2010, Minnesota
  • Anagrapha Grammareus Blair Aurora Rasmus , 2010, California
  • Sumbaino Grammareus Leala Kay Holcomb , 2010, California

2008 Phi Kappa Zeta Pledges

Congratulations to the new pledges of the Phi Kappa Zeta Sorority for the fall of 2008!

  • Vanessa Michelle Arp, 2010, California
  • Amanda Lily Paula Biskupiak, 2010, Maryland
  • April Rose Bottoms, 2010, North Carolina
  • Jessica Heather Frank, 2009, Maryland
  • Leala Kay Holcomb, 2009, California
  • April Ann Jackson, 2010, Missouri
  • Virginia Sue Morford, 2009, California
  • Ashley Brooke O'Niell, Graduate 2010, Texas
  • Jill Angela Owens, 2009, Missouri
  • Blair Aurora Rasmus, 2010, California
  • Claire Frances Roberts, 2009, Michigan
  • Bethany Choyce Shelly, 2010, Indiana
  • Amy Mary Siebert, 2010, Minnesota

2008-09 College Executive Board

Congratulations to the new Executive Board of the Phi Kappa Zeta Sorority for the 2008-2009 academic year!

  • Proedros Rachel Kay Burton, 2009, Virginia
  • Kakia Proedros Diana Ashley Elizabeth Berrigan, 2009, Maryland
  • Kakia Logios Alexandria Anna Ellen Pucciarelli, 2009, New York
  • Khrusophulax Wendy Elizabeth Korn, 2010, California
  • Anagrapha Grammareus Candi Marcha Harbison, 2009, Illinois
  • Sumbaino Grammareus Renca Liliann Dunn, 2009, Arizona