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The Sisters of the National Organization of the Phi Kappa Zeta Sorority are committed to supporting Deaf women from all walks of life to thrive in a global society through advocacy, sisterhood, and literary appreciation

National Board

President: Delia Raquel Lozano

Vice President: Lissette Molina Wood

Secretary: Minnie Mae Wilding-Diaz

Treasurer: Thelma Ivette Gonzalez Schroeder

Scholarship: Jennifer Tori Little

Membership: Mary Ann Seremeth

Zetan Editor: Melinda Harrison Jones

Media: Megan Kathleen Klusza



Bonletes: Vivienne Ruth Schroeder

Proedros: Julia Diane Mills

You are welcome to contact the National Board President at president@phikappazeta.org or use this form below:

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